Diabetic Australians make a stand with syringe display

Families who have been affected by diabetes have laid out 15,000 syringes on the grass facing Parliament House in Canberra, Australia . The aim of the display is to encourage MPs to take note of the disease.
The protest team calculated the number of injections a young diabetic has to take during the first decade of their life with the disease. Young diabetics also came with their families to talk over their conditions with people in parliament.
John Howard, the prime minister of Australia, was in attendance to reassure young diabetes sufferers that politicians were committed to fighting diabetes through new research.
He claimed that the government had several initiatives in operation. He summarised: “If it’s understood, if it’s treated correctly, if it’s treated in a disciplined manner and you get good support from the community and you get good support from the government – as you should – there is no reason why people can’t and won’t and must lead very active lives.”

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