Takeda cancels diabetes drug development

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited, one of the leading Japanese pharmaceutical companies and the largest drug maker in Japa, have now cancelled the development of their TAK-128 drug.
TAK-128 held promise as a treatment for the nerve disorders caused by diabetes, yet plans have been scrapped following poor performance in efficacy tests. Phase II clinical trials in Japa, North America and Europe will now be halted.
A senior Japanese analyst said: “Epectations for this drug have not been that high so I think the cancellation will be neutral for the company’s share price.” The news follows a similar decision in september to drop another diabetes drug called TAK-654, a drug to succeed Actos. Actos is one of their leading products, but its patent is due to expire within five years.
Another Actos-style drug, SYR-322 is in the frame to replace the bestseller. SYR-322 is a DPP-4 inhibitor, a new class of diabetes drug spearheaded by Januvia (Merck) and Galvus (Novartis). Takeda are also in a number of partnerships and alliances with other drug firms.

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