Diabetes further linked to depression

Diabetes and depression have long been linked. Two symbiotic diseases that can influence each other in a detrimental self-reinforcing circle, when combined they can be seriously damaging.
Depression can influence the key skills necessary for diabetic management . For instance, depression could influence diet, exercise and even treatment regimes. Depression can also be fed by diabetes and its complications. According to some researchers, this doubles the risk of death .
One expert, a senior researcher at the VU University Medical Centre in Amsterdam, had the following to say: “Many diabetic patients are not being treated for depression or are not responding to antidepressants. We need improvements in treatment, and we need more studies to test the underlying mechanisms.”
Diabetes and depression have long been associated, and both can often go undiagnosed. Recent research from one of the hubs of global diabetes research, the Joslin Diabetes Centre in Bosto, found clear physical links between diabetes and depression, and future research will address how to identify and deal with these symptoms.

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