New book for African American diabetics

The American Diabetes Association claims that there are now almost 3 million African Americans over the age of 20 who are suffering from diabetes. African Americans are well known for their genetic predisposition to developing diabetes, and they also have a higher rate of obesity . Furthermore, cultural factors (less access to information, increased risk factors, different food requirements to control diabetes) compound the problem.
A new book by author Constance Brown-Riggs aims to help African Americans with diabetes access specific information of relevance to them. The book is called Eating Soulfully and Healthfully with Diabetes, and Constance is certainly a qualified writer. With a strong reputation in nutrition and 25 years as a registered dietician and certified diabetes educator, her information comes from experience and is second to none.

Brown-Riggs tackles several tough issues in her book, including the lack of education stifling the African American community. She explains diabetes and diabetes management in detail, taking care with culturally sensitive issues. She makes sure her instructions are detailed and take into account cultural and ethical food preferences.

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