Next two decades will see 350 million diabetes sufferers

The predicted number of diabetics in the world is extremely difficult to predict. The world health organisation have now estimated that within the next twenty years the
number of diabetics throughout the world will climb to around 350 million.
Alarmingly, a great proportion of these new diabetic cases will occur in low-income nations, adding enormously to over-strained healthcare resources. Some of the countries forecast to become diabetes hotspots have a low level of literacy, a poor economy, and over-population issued. All of the factors are mutually reinforcing and provoke further diabetes complications.
The theme for World Diabetes Day this year is ‘Diabetes in the disadvantaged and vulnerable.’ The aim of World Diabetes Day is to raise awareness about diabetes and the complications that arise from it. If the WHO predictions are anything to go by, raising awareness has never been more crucial.

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