Stem cell research has often been associated with diabetes therapy and a potential diabetes cure. Clinical trials have been successful, yet as a long-term solution to diabetes, stem cell research has not yet been proven effective. However, Novocell yesterday claimed that they had found the perfect conditions necessary in order to make human embryonic stem cells in insulin-producing cells, a form of ‘holy grail’ treatment for diabetics .
However, the time frame is not instantaneous. It will be several years before even phase 1 and 2 trials become a reality. The chief scientific officer at Novocell and author of the study, Emmanuel Baetge, said: “Our plan is to submit an IND towards the end of 2008 and get approval for phase 1/2 trials in the beginning of 2009.” The report was published in journal Nature Biotechnology.
The Food and Drug Administration are apparently already aware of the human embryonic stem cell system. Novocell will continue with animal studies during the remainder of 2006 and into 2007, with safety and efficacy studies scheduled for 2008.
Experts called the research ‘impressive’ although added that at this stage the cells are ‘not usable.’ The company are using humans in their trials, with great initial results, bypassing immune rejection issues and eliminating the need for drug management . Once again, the future certainly holds promise.

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