New diabetes hope from artificial pancreas

Recent news indicates that diabetes takes an hour from an affected child’s day. Managing diabetes, even for those who suffer relatively mildly from the condition, is a time-consuming and intensive job . Keeping blood sugar levels stable, not to mention administering insulin in many cases, is essential to stay healthy. Occasional medical breakthroughs make the burden of the disease less intense.
One of these is the artificial pancreas. This device sits inside the body and constantly monitors blood glucose levels and administers insulin where necessary.
The director of strategic research projects at the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundatio, Dr. Aaron Kowalskin, had the following to say: “We have the opportunity to impact diabetes with a one-two punch. We have launched a multimillion-dollar initiative to continue with the clinical trials, and we’re working on the clinical research. The pancreas is working, but there are still questions to be answered.”
The pancreas could be set to autopilot, eliminating many of the tiresome routines associated with diabetes. The device is apparently on the fast track for FDA approval, and Kowalski has been discussing the future with companies such as Roche and Medtronic.

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