Pfizer claim Exubera is safe

The manufacturers of the world’s first commercially available oral insulin product, Pfizer Inc, claim that their new data shows that adult diabetics taking Exubera could maintain blood sugar control, even with a respiratory infection or when being exposed to passive cigarette smoke.
Exubera, despite its revolutionary status, has raised some concerns over its suitability for some diabetics. Pfizer presented their results at the 42nd European Association for the Study of Diabetes .
Pfizer found that their phase 2 and phase 3 clinical trials, when analysed retrospectively, showed that Exubera was both well tolerated and efficacious during respiratory illness amongst adults suffering from either type 1 or type 2 diabetes.
Furthermore, Pfizer found that Exubera could be used by patients exposed to a smoky environment with good results, despite a slight decrease in absorption. The Professor in charge of the investigatio, Philippe Camus, said: “(The data) shows that the efficacy and tolerability of Exubera remain unchanged even if patients develop a cold or the flu. Also, studies showed patients taking Exubera are no more likely to develop a respiratory infection than patients using injectable insulin.”

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