American Diabetes Association praises senate

The American Diabetes Association has released a report praising the American Senate over their passing of the ‘Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act .’ Darlene Cai, who chairs the board of the ADA, released the following statement:
“The American Diabetes Association applauds the Senate’s decision to pass this important legislation. For five long years, our nation’s leading respected scientists and researchers have been held back by federal stem cell restrictions that have prevented them from making significant advances toward a cure for diabetes and other chronic debilitating diseases .”
“For the millions of patients with type 1 diabetes that rely on insulin to survive, and for the millions more with type 2 diabetes who would benefit from new treatments, the passage today of the ‘Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act’ brings us one step closer to unlocking the resources that could lead to major discoveries in our fight against this disease .”
She concluded: “As a strong supporter of this legislation, we urge members of the Senate and House to work together to override the veto that President Bush has promised. Only then can we move forward in our fight to cure diabetes.”
Good news for the diabetic and healthcare communities.

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