Diabetes study predicts amputation infection risk

A new study, the first of its type, could predict the outcome of infections amongst diabetics, possibly helping to avoid amputation entirely.
Researchers at the University of Washingto, Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science, Merck Laboratories, and Mount Sinai School of Medicine conducted the study. They found that particular clinical and lab tests could predict how antibiotic therapy for infections is going to affect people with diabetes .
Dr. David Armstrong, a Professor at CLEAR (Center for Lower Extremity Ambulatory Research) reportedly commented: “This study is unique in a couple of ways. It comes from the largest-ever clinical trial of antibiotics for this type of infection, and it used very specific, day-to-day measures that can be done in any hospital, world wide. Data from this study will now help us continue to move forward to better care for those patients who are most in need.”

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