New gene test for diabetes risk

The first genetic test to assess the risk of developing type 2 diabetes has been launched by an Icelandic company .
Decode Genetics Inc. has created a test that studies the population in order to find the genetic cause of common diseases, including diabetes. The biotech company is looking to charge a set amount per test, which in the case of diabetes will determine whether or not an individual has a twofold genetic risk of developing the disease.
The company will be able to alert would-be diabetics early o, allowing them to take greater action to reduce their risk of diabetes. The chief executive of Decode, Kari Stefansso, reportedly said: “This happens to be a risk that you can do something about.”
The first test is just the start, with Decode looking to put a number of different tests for different risks onto the market in the next few years. This type of diagnostic test is relatively new, and Decode are the first to market in this field.
The news is good for both the diabetic community and healthcare resources for the future.

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