Diabetes drug the subject of a poll

An online survey conducted by MedPage Today, LLC, has provided a clear opinion of Avandia. The study, which surveyed healthcare professionals, indicates that the majority will no longer prescribe rosiglitazone to their patients, and a quarter believe it should be taken off the diabetic drug market.
The findings come following several months in which Avandia has barely been out of the media. An FDA advisory panel voted to keep rosiglitazone on the market, despite their acknowledgment that the drug increases the risk of ischemic heart disease.
Respondents to the MedPage Today survey included some 36 per cent who are continuing to prescribe the drug to diabetics . A majority, 55 per cent, said that they would not.
The CEO of MedPage, Robert Ster, reportedly commented: “As part of our real-time medical news coverage, we have been closely monitoring the developing rosiglitazone story. Because the potential safety issues associated with this drug could have an impact on the thousands of patients being treated for type 2 diabetes, we felt it was important to hear directly from our readers how they are reacting to this news and how it will affect the care of their patients.”

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