Patients in new AtheroGenics trial

One pharmaceutical company at the helm of fighting chronic inflammatory diseases has enrolled patients in the trial of an oral anti-diabetic agent that also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties .
The company, AtheroGenics, now has patients enrolled in ANDES, a phase III clinical trial of AGI-1067. The new agent could play a major role in diabetes treatment.
The executive vice president of Research &Development, and chief medical officer, at AtheroGenics, Rob Scott, reportedly commented: “We have successfully executed an on-time start for this Phase III study. ANDES is designed to confirm the extensive data that we saw in ARISE, our long term Phase III outcomes trial, demonstrating the ability of AGI-1067 to improve diabetic control.”
One expert involved in Andes, Sherwyn Schwartz, reportedly commented: “Diabetes has become one of the major health problems facing both physicians and patients today. Statistics show that the majority of the 14 million Americans who are currently diagnosed with diabetes are failing to reach accepted standards of blood sugar control. We desperately need new diabetes therapeutic options that have demonstrated overall cardiovascular safety.”

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