Plea for diabetes unit

Thousands of diabetic patients have called for their local diabetes specialist centre to be saved from closure . The specialist centre is threatened by the closure of its parent hospital and its relocation to a new site.
The unit in questio, the Jenny O-Neill unit at the Derbyshire Royal Infirmary, has been helping diabetics for over 20 years. It is doomed to close when the old hospital relocates to the new Derby City General Hospital site.
The team employed by the centre are reputed to be extremely experienced and capable of helping the local population treat their diabetes. One of the employees, Dr. John Kalk, reportedly commented: “Sadly, once we move to the new City General in 2009, the centre will cease to exist, the team will be dissipated and become part of less-personalised general outpatient services.”
The centre was named after a Derby nurse who helped diabetic patients throughout her life.

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