Diabetech launch wireless diabetes glucose meter

The next stage in diabetes care will surely be improved connectivity with a remote caregiver who is an expert on diabetes. This will allow patients to manage their blood sugar levels exactly to recommended specifications, lowering the chance of complications and meaning diabetes patients are not isolated. For many, especially the newly diagnosed, diabetes can be daunting. One American company, Diabetech, are meeting the problem head o, integrating wireless technology into diabetes care.

The new model for diabetes care proposed by Diabetech could also avert a major healthcare budget crisis. Kevin McMaho, the President and CEO of Diabetech, said: “Without any practical means of enjoying the benefits of team management, costs from the current paradigm of test and forget self-care will bankrupt our global economy.”
The Diabetech technology, known as the GlucoMON blood glucose connectivity device, functions to ensure the accuracy of blood glucose meters, and also automatically collects and analyses blood glucose data for care team management. According to clinical trials, blood sugar level management becomes much tighter with the GlucoMON system. Stephen Ponder, the Chief Medical Officer at the company, concluded: “Diabetech makes improvements to self-care and remote patient interventions ridiculously easy.”

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