ED drugs safe for men with diabetes

Drugs designed to combat erectile dysfunction have been found to be both safe and effective for men suffering from diabetes. The drugs, marketed under the labels Viagra, Levitra and Cialis, can have a major impact on erectile dysfunction.
The number of men seeking the drugs has soared dramatically in the last five years, and the most recent systematic review aimed to establish whether the drugs (known as PDE-5 inhibitors) could be safe and effective for men with diabetes.
The men who participated in the study showed improvements in erectile dysfunction when compared to placebo groups. The review, which was published in the current issue of the Cochrane Library, will be greeted warmly by many diabetic men.
The lead author of the study, Moshe Vardi, said: “The results of our meta-analysis are not surprising, but give strength to the general notion that this class of drugs is efficient and safe for this specific wide population. PDE-5 inhibitors have been considered the mainstay of treatment for erectile dysfunction in the general population for many years. Diabetics are prone to this complication, and the etiology of their erectile dysfunction is multifactorial, thus making their treatment a special challenge for physicians and other health care professionals.”

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