Mauritius focus on diabetes and heart institute

The health minister of Mauritius, Satish Faugoo, announced yesterday that the island would build a major diabetes and heart institute. The health ministry is planning for the center to be the major focal point for treatment, research and education on diabetes and heart disease for the island.
The center will be created in association with the International Diabetes institute, who will be lead by Paul Zimmet. The health minister, Mr. Faugoo, said: “This agreement will also help us implement the National Service Framework for Diabetes, train professionals in diabetes management, advise the ministry on joint collaboration in diabetes research and help establish a WHO (World Health Organisation) Collaborating Centre for Diabetes in Mauritius.”
Like many other island nations, Mauritius faces a major diabetes problem. According to a survey conducted in 2004, 20 per cent of the population over 30 suffers from the disease. The health ministry has fought hard against diabetes, and offer testing in all hospitals. Fizzy drinks in schools have also been banned. Mauritius has also taken Internet measures and launched several training programs.

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