Dairy could protect against diabetes

Men who eat milk, cheese, yoghurt and other dairy products are less likely to develop risk factors that could lead to heart disease and even diabetes, according to one study. The research group, consisting of over 2400 men, showed a clear difference in risks of metabolic syndrome depending on whether they drank milk regularly or not.
Those who consumed a pint of milk every day were found to be surprisingly less likely to develop metabolic syndrome (62 per cent) than those who rarely drank milk. The researchers also found that similar patterns occurred when it came to consumption of cheese and yoghurt.
Although not typically associated with health and lower levels of obesity, blood fat, blood pressure and blood sugar, dairy products were found to have a powerful protective effect. Dairy foods have in the past been linked to lower blood pressure and better weight control. The news may come as a surprise for healthcare providers and diabetic patients.

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