Panel back Galvus diabetes drug

The EMEA (European Medicines Agency) have given a positive boost to Galvus, the Novartis AG type 2 diabetes drug to be used in conjunction with other drugs.
The decision was part of a spate of positive verdicts. Two Pfizer drugs, HIV drug Celsentri and anti-fungal Ecalta were also approved. In order for all of these drugs to come to market the European Commission needs to endorse the verdict, a process that typically takes several months.
Other drugs, including Novatis offering Aclasta were also approved. Avasti, a Roche cancer drug, was cleared. GlaxoSmithKline PLC was granted extensions to use their drug Telzir as an HIV treatment in children and adolescents. The approval of Galvus is likely to improve the financial situation and morale at Novartis.

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