Eating primitive diet could beat diabetes

People who eat a primitive diet could beat type 2 diabetes, according to a recent study on diabetic diets . Those who ate a ‘paleolithic’ diet of nuts, root vegetables, fruit, lean meat and fish reduced their blood sugar levels, when compared to another group who ate a ‘Mediterranean’ diet of low-fat dairy, whole-grain cereals, vegetables, unsaturated fats and fruit.
Diets incorporating dairy products, cereals, and refined fats only became common with the birth of agriculture. The presence of high amounts of refined sugar and fat in some foods are really a feature of the last hundred years. In contrast to those put on a primitive diet, the Mediterranean group faced increased blood sugar levels, and many even had pre-diabetic features .
Healthcare experts at Lund University, Sweden conducted the research. Dr. Staffan Lindeberg, heading the research, reportedly commented: “If you want to prevent or treat diabetes type-2, it may be more efficient to avoid modern foods than to count calories or carbohydrates.”

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