A large American study indicated that consuming over one fizzy drink per day, even those brands that are labelled sugar free or diet, could seriously damage health . Soft drinks are linked to an increased risk of metabolic syndromen, also known as pre-diabetes. This condition is a group of health indicators that massively increase the risk of developing diabetes.
The study, conducted as part of the Framingham Heart Study, made considerable headway in the reasons why fizzy drinks increase these risks. They found that corn syrup causes weight gain and can even lead to insulin resistance and diabetes.
The senior investigator on the study, Dr. Ramachandran Vasa, reportedly commented: “We found that one or more sodas per day increases your risk of new-onset metabolic syndrome by about 45 per cent, and it did not seem to matter if it was regular or diet . You would expect to see an association with regular soft drinks but not diet soft drinks. Our findings suggest that this is not the case. That for me is striking.”

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