Physicians still prescribe dangerous diabetes drug

According to recent research by Decision Resources, physicians continue to prescribe GlaxoSmithKline Avandia over newer diabetic drugs Byetta (Amlin/Eli Lilly) and Januvia (Merck.)
Safety warnings have been applied to Avandia on account of a controversial journal report that linked the drug to heart disease and death. The findings were part of a report by Decision Resources entitled: “GLP-1 Analogues vs. DPP-IV Inhibitors – Which Class Will Change the Face of the Diabetes Market?”
To glean the data, DR asked physicians to outline their drug treatment programs. The report concluded that only 15 per cent of patients would switch, and that: “clinicians are more like to switch patients to Takeda’s Actos than to Byetta or Januvia.”
The survey investigated the views of 21 managed care pharmacy directors, 72 endocrinologists, and 73 primary care physicians.

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