Reports on diabetes drug side effects soar

Avandia, the controversial Glaxo diabetes drug that has faced media furore and damaged sales due to its links with an increased risk of heart disease amongst diabetics, is now the subject of increasing reports of side effects to federal regulators. Reports on the drug have tripled in recent months.
Many patients, experts believe, were unaware of the drugs side effects and why they might have been facing heart problems. This highlights faults in the healthcare system, not to mention the safety-tracking measures that should have identified any problems.
Avandia was the subject of a controversial New England Journal of Medicine report that linked Avandia to heart risk. In the aftermath, reports of heart attacks and heart-related hospitalisations soared.
A spokeswoman for the manufacturer of the drug, Glaxo, reportedly commented: “This is a very well-known phenomenon. It’s good that there’s awareness of the reporting system, but drawing conclusions on such data is inappropriate.”

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