Mulberry extract to prevent diabetes

A fresh study from Japan indicates that a powder made from mulberry leaves could potentially prevent the development of diabetes . The powder is understood to be rich in a specific compound that inhibits carbohydrate digestion, and this accounts for its preventative properties .
The study was published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, with the researchers creating a particularly effective type of powder. The lead author, Toshiyuki Kimura of Tohoku University, reportedly commented: “This study suggests that the newly developed DNJ-enriched powder can be used as a dietary supplement for preventing diabetes mellitus.”
The scientists employed an extremely complex process (hydrophilic interaction chromatography) to obtain powerful enough powder. They found that: “Young mulberry leaves taken from the top part of the branches in summer contained the highest amount of DNJ.”
Researchers concluded: “A human study indicated that the single oral administration of 0.8 and 1.2 g of DNJ-enriched powder significantly suppressed the elevation of postprandial blood glucose and secretion of insulin, revealing the physiological impact of mulberry DNJ (effective dose and efficacy in humans),” concluded the researchers.”

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