Diabetics implanted with microchips

The Verichip corporatio, who provide identity chips for healthcare and patient needs, revealed at the Atlanta Diabetes EXPO that it had added a further 18 diabetics to the VeriMed Patient Identification System .
The EXPO, which was sponsored by the American Diabetes Associatio, saw VeriMed implanting RFID microchips into those attendees who signed up for the procedure. The identification system uses a tiny microchip, a handheld scanner, and a secure patient database. This allows instant access to health information for those patients who cannot communicate in an emergency.
The Chairman and CEO of VeriChip, Mr. Silverma, reportedly commented: “We believe the VeriMed Patient Identification System is an essential health care solution for at-risk patients, including diabetics, who tend to present with various co-morbidities and medications, and are more frequently admitted to emergency departments. Since the inception of the VeriMed System, we always knew that the diabetic community was in need of a way to communicate their medical information better and more frequently. We will continue to focus on diabetics and to enhance our relationship further with the American Diabetes Association. The Atlanta Diabetes EXPO provides us direct access so we can continue to educate an important target audience.”

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