Higher risk of heart failure amongst black people caused by diabetes

A new study has revealed that the higher rates of heart failure amongst black Americans is being driven by increasing levels of diabetes and hypertension. The research, carried out by the John Hopkins University team, examined trends in the three conditions using statistical techniques.
The team studied 7,000 people, and found that black American people developed heart problems faster than whites, and indeed all other races. These racial differences almost disappeared when diabetes and high blood pressure were excluded as factors.
The senior investigator of the study, Dr. Lima, an associate professor of medicine and radiology at the university, reportedly commented: “When all major factors are taken into account, the difference between races for heart failure largely evaporate in the absence of diabetes and hypertension among African Americans.”
Heart failure in American, therefore, needs to be treated alongside diabetes and hypertensio, with a need for more screening, more appropriate drug therapies, and closer healthcare management.

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