Skin can help in diabetes diagnosis

According to bioscientists in American, the skin could have an important role to play in the diagnosis of numerous diseases. Amongst mice, the researchers say, diabetes significantly alters the abundance of skin proteins.
Type 2 diabetes, the more common strain of the disease, needs to be diagnosed early if it is to be managed and treated successfully. For many type 2 diabetics, early diagnosis is the key to controlling their disease. For this reason, medical researchers are on a constant quest for biomarkers of diabetes at an early stage.
The team, from Ohio University, Athens, found that skin makes a good site to study disease biomarkers. The team were lead by John Kopchick, and found that the skin clearly shows the influence of obesity and diabetes.
One member of the team, Edward List, reportedly commented: “I believe that the methodology I have developed can translate to virtually any disease. The conditions we are planning to study through the use of proteomic analysis of skin are cancer, growth disorders and aging.”

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