US drug agency knew all about diabetes drug

A leading member of the US Congress went on record yesterday saying that the governmental study of diabetes drug Avandia bore out heart attack risks. Going further, Senator Charles Grassley reportedly claimed that Avandia could have caused between 60,000-100,000 attacks since its release eight years ago.
The shocking revelations strongly taint the Food and Drug Administratio, who just months ago were urged to issue a ‘black box’ warning on the label of the drug. The dangers, unbelievably to many in the diabetic and healthcare communities, were first raised last week in the New England journal of medicine .
Grassley said that the FDA waiting to pull the drug off the market as they waited for contrary evidence was a disgrace, reportedly commenting: “That’s a long time from now when you have millions of Americans taking this drug. Those numbers seem like a high enough threshold to me for the FDA to warn the American people of the possibility of a problem.”

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