Health problem epidemic includes diabetes

A group of public health experts from 55 different countries has issued a report that promises a global epidemic of diseases, including stroke, heart disease and diabetes . The report indicates that the epidemic will result in the death of some 338 million people over the next ten years.
The group of experts has proposed a solution list of 20 measures to help prevent the scale of the deaths. According to the report, some 60 per cent of the deaths are from preventable diseases. Furthermore, 80% will occur in middle or low income countries.
One expert, an executive director of the Oxford Health Alliance which itself partially funded the report, said that funding was key, particularly that from global associations such as the Gates Foundation and the World Health Organisation. The measures also include stopping people smoking, drinking too much alcohol and unhealthy food, reducing poverty and helping prevent diseases rather than cure.
The researchers appreciate that these solutions have been proposed before, but stress the need for a global roadmap for healthcare change.

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