According to fresh Australian research, sitting in front of a computer and doing nothing all day can negate the benefits of brief bursts of exercise .
The International Diabetes Institute in Melbourne studied over 8,000 people over 35 who were not suffering from diabetes. The study indicates that taking 30 minutes of exercise per day does not prevent obesity and diabetes development amongst those people who are inactive for large proportions of the day.
The study found that those who watched over three hours of television per day faced a greater risk of obesity and diabetes, even when they spent 30 minutes per day at a gym .
David Dunsta, an associate professor at the International Diabetes Institute, reportedly commented: “Well, what we’re seeing is that even in people who achieve the minimal physical activity guidelines, that is the 150 minutes or 30 minutes of exercise a day, even in those people that are achieving that level, if they are watching, for instance, television for greater than three to four hours a day, that watching the television increases the risk of diabetes and obesity. So we’re not entirely sure at the moment ’cause this is a fairly new area, maybe the going out to the gym and doing the 30 minutes of exercise may not be enough to offset any potential bad effects of sitting on their rear ends for the rest of the day.”

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