Climbing diabetes in Molokai

According to the Hawaiian Department of Health, Molokai is being disproportionately affected by type 2 diabetes . The island is apparently facing a diabetes epidemic due to the erosion of traditional diets by unhealthy western fast food . The situation is compounded by a gene lottery and sedentary lifestyle .
The HDH estimated that diabetes prevalence amongst adults was 5.6 per cent, as high as 6 per cent on Molokai. According to Hawaiian diabetes healthcare professionals, the incidence of type 2 diabetes is rising and the patients are becoming younger.
The Hawaiian people are especially vulnerable to diabetes. The disease affects twice the rate of Hawaiians as it does white people living in the islands. Hawaiians are apparently over 5.7 times more likely to develop the disease compared to Caucasians. Obesity is a major problem in Hawaii. Longer life-spans and a sedentary way of life without exercise is also a contributor.
Molokai diabetes professionals expect the true figure for diabetes rates to exceed 8 per cent.

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