Diabetes charcot foot complications becoming more common

One rare complication of diabetes, charcot foot, could be becoming more common as the reported global incidence increases. Unfortunately, many diabetics are not diagnosed with charcot foot due to the rareness of the condition and the ease with which it is confused with standard diabetic neuropathy .
The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons (ACFAS), reportedly say that Charcot foot syndrome is become more prevalent amongst diabetic Americans. The complication occurs due to a fast softening of the bones in the foot, the result of sustained and acute neuropathy . Once established, the condition can cause amputation, deformity, fractures, collapse and even death.
Unfortunately, many diabetic patients who develop Charcot cannot feel anything in their lower limbs. In this instance, the patient tends to proceed as normal, and further problems can occur. Symptoms include warm, red skin, swelling and pain. The need remains to educate diabetics further about Charcot foot.

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