Diabetes drug will include new warning

The Eli Lilly diabetes drug Byetta will have a warning label affixed to its packaging following links with cases of inflammation of the pancreas. The injectable drug caused a stir upon its launch when it was found to actively assist weight loss. However, the new findings have forced the Food and Drug Administration to rule that it must carry a warning.
Byetta was launched in 2005 and netted Eli Lilly $219 million from a total revenue of $430.2 million. Over 3 million prescriptions of the drug have been written worldwide. Amylin pharmaceuticals partnered with Eli Lilly on the drug, and have agreed that the warning label should be attached to Byetta packaging. The two companies split revenues and profits of the drug.
The new warning will state that Byetta has been linked with acute pancreatitis. Both Amylin and Eli Lilly stock dipped in response to the news . A spokeswoman for Lilly reportedly commented: “Pancreatitis has been part of our label in post-marketing studies, so what you’re seeing today is a clarification and update to the section.”

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