EU approval for Novartis diabetes drug

The European Union have granted official approval for pharmaceutical company Novartis to market their diabetes drug Galvus for the treatment of type 2 diabetics . The decision is different to that made by the American Food and Drug Administratio, who have asked the firm for more data.
Galvus is a once daily oral agent to treat type 2 diabetes. The FDA called for further clinical trials to establish how effective the drug really is. The company are understood to be in ongoing negotiation with the FDA.
Novartis believe that Galvus could become a blockbuster drug, earning them revenue of over $1 billion per annum. Currently, due to the FDA decisio, the main rival to Galvus has a decent head-start. Although the two drugs were once expected to come to market at the same time, Januvia by Merck has been selling for some time.

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