Breath test for diabetes

A new breath test could radically change the way in which diabetic patients monitor their blood sugar levels . The new discovery would test the breathing and eliminate the need for injections to monitor diabetes .
The research team, whose work was published in leading journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, employed a new technique. They found that those children who have type 1 diabetes exhale greater concentrations of methyl nitrate when suffering from hyperglycaemia .
The discovery, although in its infancy, could lead to the development of a breath test, changing diabetes monitoring forever.
One expert at the heart of the project, Dr. Galassetti, reportedly commented: “Breath analysis has been showing promise in a number of clinical areas, such as with ulcers and cystic fibrosis. While no clinical breath test exists yet for diabetes, this study shows the possibility of non-invasive methods that can help the millions who have this chronic disease .”

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