Diabetes sufferers benefit from blood pressure medicine

Findings of an Australian study show that Type 2 diabetes suffers benefit from taking a combination high blood pressure pill.
Researchers from the George Institute for International Health monitored 11,000 Type 2 diabetes sufferes for 4 and a half years. Half of the patients had high blood pressure, however the benefit of taking the drug was also seen in those with normal blood pressure. Some were given a placebo, others were given 4mg of a blood vessel relaxant called perindopril with 1.25mg of a diuretic called indapamide.
The drug combination reduced the risk of coronary heart disease by 14 per cent and deaths from heart disease by 18 per cent. Researchers also saw a reduction of the risk of kidney disease .
It is estimated that the drug could help to save 1.5 million lives of diabetes sufferes if it were to be prescribed to them.

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