GPs will take on pre-diabetes patients

According to diabetes news reports, GPs will have to manage diabetics and pre-diabetics amongst millions of new patients. The government is planning to introduce glucose tolerance testing as a routine adjunct to the cardiovascular screening programme.
The reports indicate that the Department of Health are in the process of considering proposals to make GPs routinely test for IGT (Impaired Glucose Tolerance) as a part of vascular checks. The news follows an evaluation that found this process is more cost-effective than screening for diabetes in isolation.
The DOH are also planning for GPs to intervene in patient lifestyle at an earlier date, after research showed this is effective. Some 20% of patients screened are expected to suffer from IGT, and would need constant advice, treatment and monitoring, upping GP workload.
A spokesperson for the DOH reportedly commented: “There is increasing evidence on the clinical benefits and cost-effectiveness of lifestyle interventions for people with impaired glucose regulation and we will be considering this, with stakeholders, in the coming months.”

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