Tai Chi could improve diabetes control

According to recent research conducted in Taiwa, the ancient martial art Tai Chi could have a role to play in improving control of type 2 diabetes . The central goal of type 2 diabetes management is to keep blood sugar levels eve, and Tai Chi could be useful in doing this.
Tai Chi has an interesting influence on diabetes control. By combining gentle movement and focusing on deep diaphragmatic breathing and relaxatio, Tai Chi has a positive impact on T cells, a key part of the immune system in the body.
The research team put forward the theory that taking strenuous physical activity actually depresses the immune system response, whilst moderate exercise (such as Tai Chi) has the opposite effect.
Care Advisor at leading UK diabetes charity, Diabetes UK, Cathy Moulto, was reported as commenting: “This interesting new research further confirms that moderate exercise is vital in effectively managing Type 2 diabetes. Good diabetes control reduces people’s risk of developing serious complications such as heart disease, stroke and blindness .”

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