Vege food could lower cholesterol and reduce diabetes risk

According to recent reports, Mycoprotein found in fungus could help to lower the risk of heart disease and diabetes . The protein is found in vegetarian food quorn and other vegetarian food substances.
Furthermore, mycoprotein could help to prevent obesity, as it keeps the person eating feeling full for longer, reducing the desire to snack on other foods. Mycoprotein has been present in foods for the last 40 years. It is produced by adding nitroge, glucose and minerals to a fungus.
The researchers tested the effects of eating mycoprotein regularly. Nutritionist Angela Dowden was reported in the Daily Express as commenting: “Mycoprotein is a really healthy food and the bonus is all these benefits on top. If it fills you up and helps to reduce the impact of blood sugar and reduce cholesterol, it sounds like it is a bit of a superfood.”

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