Diabetes UK call for diet labelling

Diabetes UK, the foremost UK diabetes charity, has expressed their disappointment about an EU (European Union) decision not to label foods with a traffic light system to clearly display nutritional benefits or hazards.
The EU is expected to favour an EC plan for all food in packages to display key nutritional information including sugar, salt, saturated fat, carbohydrates, energy and fat .
Diabetes UK still believe that the EU should have implemented their traffic-light system, which uses clear labelling of fat, sugar and salt.
The Public Affairs Officer at Diabetes UK, Phaedra Neal, reportedly commented: “The commission is right to recognise the importance of clear, front-of-pack labelling to help consumers make healthier food choices. But it has ignored evidence which shows the traffic light system works better than the GDA percentage system in allowing people to assess nutrient content and compare different foods.”

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