Inconsistent insulin causes diabetic deaths

According to recent research published in diabetes journal Diabetes Care, a research team at the Joslin Diabetes Center has found that type 1 diabetic females who take under the recommended dosage of insulin increased their risk of death and complications.
Restricting insulin dosage, whether deliberately or by skipping insulin through carelessness, increases mortality risks. The conclusions were also put into the context of a deadly trend that is sweeping the world, known as ‘diabulimia’ in the media.
The study was conduced over an 11 year period and investigated 234 women . The frequency with which the participants restricted their insulin was strongly linked to mortality. Increased restriction was often linked to eating disorders .
Ann Goebel-Fabbri, Ph. D., lead author, was reported in the news as commenting: “This is an incredibly important women’s health issue in the area of diabetes . The average age of death was significantly younger in the insulin-restricting group. This behavior emerged as a significant risk factor for mortality.”

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