Undiagnosed diabetes big problem in UK

According to a new report, over 500,000 people in the UK could be facing undiagnosed cases of diabetes, with even more at a great risk of developing the condition due to pre-diabetes or metabolic syndrome.
A recent survey, reported in the British Journal of General Practice, analysed the records of some 3.63 million patients from almost 500 GP surgeries throughout the UK. The study found that hundreds of thousands of people are displaying early symptoms of diabetes .
The data was accessed by several medical experts from the Qresearch database. The team studies blood glucose measurements to ascertain whether people could be diabetic .
The undiagnosed mass of diabetics in the UK has been causing healthcare professionals concern for some time. Charities such as Diabetes UK are taking every step possible to raise awareness about the disease. If type 2 diabetes can be caught at an early stage, it is potentially less serious.

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