United Arab Emirates seeing diabetes explosion

The United Arab Emirates are witnessing a diabetes explosio, with approximately 19.5 per cent of the population now suffering from the disease.
The conclusion was drawn from statistics revealed at the Arab Health Congress Show by experts from Imperial College London Diabetes Centre. Diabetes is being recognised as a major problem in the UAE.
Further statistics reportedly show that 40 per cent of 60 plus residents have diabetes, and the disease causes 75 per cent of deaths amongst UAE nationals.
The medical and research director at the ICLDC, Dr. Taysir, reportedly commented: “Diabetes is currently the fastest growing debilitating disease in the world. In the UAE it is estimated that one out of five people aged 20 to 79 lives with this disease, while a similar percentage of the population is at risk of developing it. This year, the UAE ranked 2nd highest worldwide for diabetes prevalence.”

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