Diabetes company profits continue to climb

According to reports, the largest drugmaker in Japa, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company have achieved an almost 6 per cent increase in profit in the third quarter, with sales of diabetes drug Actos buoying up results.
Sales of Actos, the chief rival of beleaguered diabetes drug Avandia, leapt by 14 per cent in the third quarter. A damaging report linking Avandia to an increased rate of heart attack aided Actos sales .
Takeda are perceived by financial experts as relying on Actos to grow, and many see this as a weakness of the company . In the next three years, Takeda will face competition on a generic level to Actos and further products.
As well as being the largest drugmaker in Japa, it is also one of the oldest. Takeda roots apparently stretch to a medicine business that started in Osaka in 1781.

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