Diabetes amputations could be lowered

According to scientists, the levels of amputations amongst people with diabetes could be cut considerably using a new discovery. Amputations amongst people with diabetes are caused when circulatory complications exacerbate leg ulcers .
However, recent research by the University of Bristol indicates that a protein found within the cells could lead to a drug treatment . As many as 100 people lose a limb to diabetes in the UK every week, and a new treatment type would have great benefits for this diabetes complication .
When diabetes is not adequately managed or treated, blood supply to extremities can diminish, influencing the body to stop making new blood vessels. Limbs, especially the lower leg and feet, are therefore made more vulnerable to ulcers and gangrene.
Speaking for leading diabetes charity Diabetes UK, Dr. Iain Frame reportedly commented: “If this research is proven in humans, a treatment could be developed to remove the p75NTR protein from which many people with diabetes could benefit.”

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