New gene variants linked to type 2 diabetes

According to reports in the diabetes news, experts at Michigan Technological University have identified some 11 separate gene variations directly associated with type 2 diabetes .
By developing and utilising a fresh new mathematical model, the scientists have isolated new genes that cause type 2 diabetes. The 11 different SNPS (single nucleotide polymorphisms) all have a significant effect on the development of diabetes .
The team examined the genes of over 1000 British people, and narrowed the field down to just 11. According to the team, some of the genes work individually, whilst others jointly influence type 2 diabetes development.
The research team published their findings, which included a further model to trace genetic lineage back through generations to work out which inherited genes created illness, in the European Journal of Human Genetics .
If a cure for type 2 diabetes does emerge, many experts believe that it will come through identifying the genes that cause diabetes .

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