New mobile phone diary for diabetes healing

New mobile phone software, previously reported on, could now start to mimic the work of a nurse . Scientists have recently created a new system that gives patients that chance to have their condition monitored remotely by nurses .
Diabetes is one of the systems on offers, as is asthma and high blood pressure . The patient provides blood sugar levels, and the information is relayed to a hospital database, where a nurse monitors the data. If the nurse becomes concerned, she can ring the patients easily.
Professor Lionel Tarassenko was reported as commenting: “We all have a different threshold for pain. Doctors will have people who will be at the surgery as soon as they have a sniffle but there will be other people who will be at death’s door before they call. Improved self-management, coupled with regular education and support, is seen as the best way of slowing the inexorable rise of healthcare spending on long-term conditions. ‘The challenge is to create sustainable, large-scale programmes capable of delivering both.”
The system being used is by t+ Medical.

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