Diabetes awareness campaign launched by IDF

The International Diabetes Federation has launched a major awareness campaign to promote World Diabetes Day on November 14th.
Both groups and individuals can get involved in activities to help raise awareness for World Diabetes Day . This year, the them of the campaign is ‘ Diabetes in Children and Adolescents.’
The president of the IDF, Dr. Martin Silink, reportedly commented: “Every parent, school teacher, school nurse, doctor and anyone involved in the care of children should be familiar with the warning signs and alert to the diabetes threat. Children who are not diagnosed or misdiagnosed can die from DKA (diabetic coma). In the developing world insulin is not reaching many children who need it and the children are dying. The International Diabetes Federation is advocating that access to appropriate medication and care should be a right for a child with diabetes and not a privilege.”
The Campaign Director, Phil Riley, was reported as saying: “There are activities planned worldwide. We hope to have them all listed on the World Diabetes Day website. We’re encouraging people to join in with activities in their community and contact us with their ideas.”

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