Gastic bypass quickly reverses diabetes symptoms

Gastric bypass surgery in relation to diabetes is the focus of a new study in France. The report indicates that those who have the surgery experience instantly better control of their diabetes, sometimes within days. Lap-band surgery is also investigated, and deemed not so fast in reversing diabetes symptoms .
The French researchers studied mice who had both procedures. The surgery remains a rare procedure, used only in extreme cases, but the French researchers investigated the actual mechanism of gastric bypass surgery and noted its efficiency.
A research team at the Institut National de la Sante et de la Recherche Medicale in France concluded that the intestine is a more important and fragile organ than has been previously considered. They reportedly said: “Up to now, the intestine had been considered like a machine to assimilate nutrients. We’ve now begun to realize that it is a complex endocrine organ.”
The conclusions support evidence that gastric bypass could be an effective diabetes treatment amongst obese patients, and even amongst those who do not display symptoms of obesity .

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