Lupins could hold diabetes cure

According to reports in the diabetes news, lupins could have the potential to treat and even cure diabetes . Scientists in Italy have revealed that a protein found in lupins could provide a cure for diabetes, by effectively controlling the level of insulin that the body produces.
The treatment is at a very early stage, and it is too early to understand how it could one day impact on diabetes treatment . Lupins are a common crop in Western Australia, and the Italian researchers focused on the type of Lupin grown in this area.
Dr. Marcello Durante of the University of Milan presented the research at the International Lupin Conference in Perth earlier this week. Durante reportedly commented: “It’s an edible protein . In the very old pharmacopoeia, it was described that lupin seeds (have) the anti-diabetes activity. But of course our ancestor didn’t know the molecules responsible, they simply used the lupin as a kind of familiar therapy for diabetes .”

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